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Impress Tool Box

Draw with parameters

Impress lets you draw shapes smartly. Some of the shapes in the toolbox are drawn with parameters. Click the button “Adjust shape parameters” on the toolbar will open the pane dialog which is docked on the right hand side of the frame window. The top two parameters are start angle and sweep angle, these two parameters are applied to circular shapes, e.g. star shape, polygon shapes. The other two parameters parameter1 and parameter2 are used to subtly adjust shape. For example, the shapes on the left-hand side are the default shapes, the other three shapes are generated by adjusting parameters. Theoretically, there are indefinite shapes can be generated.  

Draw curves

Impress provides all the types of curves. spline, besier curve, bezier spline, freehand draw, polyline, arc and cloud. When you draw a curve, you can stop drawing anywhere, and later on continue drawing the curve. When you draw freehand curves, you can setup freehand draw smoothing by right click and select context menu item “Freehand Draw Smoothing”. When you draw a closed shape, Impress automatically close the path. Impress marks each node of a curve with a small circle, the bigger circle represent the start node.

Edit curve

Impress provides a number of tools for editing curves. Firstly, you can reshape a draw object with these tools. Impress first converts the drawing object into a curve object. For example, you can use edit path, knife, erase, delete segment, smudge brush directly to a drawing object. If you draw an arc and a polyline, and you want to weld them to a closed shape. You just select them and click the button “Weld” on the toolbar. Erase and Smudge brush are two useful tools which can be used to extend a shape. Smear brush is very useful. You can use smear brush to reshape a drawing object. Impress first convert the drawing object to a bezier curve shape, you then use smear brush to move control nodes, add nodes. You can also use edit path to reshape the curve object.

Thousands of Examples and Symbols

Curve operation

Impress provides operations for curve shapes. The operations include: Unite, Intersect,Exclude,Substract,Combine and Clip. When the operation is applied to drawing objects, Impress first converts the drawing objects to bezier curve shapes and then applies the operation to the converted bezier curve shapes.


Impress provides all the fill styles that you can see only in Illustrator and Coredraw.

Uniform fill

The Palette is docked on the right hand side of the frame window when Impress starts up. Draw a shape and click a color in the palette will fill the shape with the selected color and opacity.

Gradient fill

In addition to palette, Impress provides linear gradients fill, radiation fill, path fill and conical fill. These four fill styles are arranged in one pane dialog . Click the first button on the toolbar will open the fill dialog.

Custom fill

If you want to make a custom fill, you can click the second button on the toolbar, this will open the custom fill dialog which will be docked on the right hand side of the frame window. Select a custom fill style and apply it to the selected shape.

Interactive fill

Interactive fill is very handy and very useful, especially combine with custom fill. Select a custom fill style to the selected shape and then click the interactive fill button on the toolbar, it will show the custom fill in the way of interactive fill. Move the two-end squares and middle squares along the line until you got the satisfied fill effect.

Pattern fill

Impress provides many patterns which can be used to fill drawing shapes. There are about 50 built-in patterns and the entire symbol collection. Pattern fill in Impress lets you specify background color, fill color one and fill color two, pattern width and pattern height, etc.

Texture fill

Texture fill let you tile a shape with an image. Impress provides some texture image.

Mesh fill

If you want to fill a shape to make it look realistic, you should choose mesh fill. Mesh fill let you fill a shape with multiple colors. To use mesh fill, you just draw a rectangle and then click the button mesh fill on the toolbar. Impress creates a mesh object with 2x2 meshes. Reshape the mesh object by adding more nodes horizontally and vertically.


Impress only blends two same drawing shapes. The two shapes can be the same size or different sizes. Blending can generate amazing 3D effect. To use blending effect, you first draw two shapes, then click the button blend, and then draw a line from the front shape to the back shape.


Contour can generate different effects by setting the parameters. Contour step can be evenly or unevenly, fill type can be uniform or gradient, and you can offset the contour center.


Twirl is an amazing feature of Impress. You can twirl a drawing object or curve object. Twirling a drawing object or curve object will generate a stream curve shape. In the twirling dialog, you can choose clockwise twirl or anti-clockwise twirl. Twirl center can be set to the object center or a offset position.


Push and Pull is one type of transforms in Impress. It is applied to drawing object and curve object. When you select a drawing object or a curve object, click the button "push/pull" on the toolbox, the PushPull dialog is open and you can apply push or pull to the object.

Bevel Effect

Bevel effect is a useful feature in many vector drawing tools. Impress provides a number of bevel effects which can be applied to vector shapes, vector curves and word art objects. To generate an ideal bevel effect you need to setup approprite parameters.

Drop shadow

Drop shadow is a basic feature in many vector drawing applications. Drop shadow in Impress can be either hard shadow or soft shadow, and soft shadow can be either around shadow or offset shadow. The shadow darkness is adjustable.

Cast shadow

In addition to drop shadow, Impress provide another type of shadow feature--Cast shadow which can be applied to drawing objects, curve objects, symbol objects and text art objects. Cast shadow can generate realistic shadow effect. When applying cast shadow to an object, most of the time, you may need to move shadow to achieve an ideal shadow effect. To move shadow, you click on the corresponding button a few times to place the shadow at the ideal position.

Pipe Effect

Impress provides pipe effect which can generate 4 kinds of style pipe: gradient filled pipe, gradient drawn pipe, uniform filled pipe and not filled pipe.

3D Effect

Impress provides 3D extrude, 3D revolve and 3D fancy effect. Draw a shape and try these three 3D effects. Draw a curve and apply 3D revolving effect. 3D Revolve generate realistic 3D revolving effect. You just draw a curve and setup the parameters in the 3D revolving dialog, Impress will generate 3D revolving effect. The parameters let you generate different 3D revolving effect: skeleton 3D, surface solied filled, surface gradiently filled. You can change light position, and rotate the 3D around Y-axis or X-axis.

3D extrude

3D Extrude is a very useful feature. You just setup a depth value along z-axis to a 2D shape, the 2D shape then becomes a 3D object. It calculates the projection of every face and vertex in the 3-dimensional space and hide those side faces which are invisible according to the camera position.

3D fancy

3D Fancy can generate amazing 3D effect and it is easy to use.

Vector Library--Symbol

Impress provides a collection of symbols, containing thousands of drawing items classified in categories. They definitely enrich your design. A symbol is a collection of some closed drawing paths which can be filled as other drawing shapes. You can break up a symbol into curve shapes and then fill each curve shape with different color.

Vector Library--PNG Icon

PNG Icons are useful in your drawing. There are a huge amount of icons on Internet, you download PNG Icons and place them to the diffirent directories. A PNG Icon is well drawn image in the format of PNG, you can resize or rotate it, but you can't recolor it, neither apply any effect to it.

Vector Library--ClipArt

Traditionally, ClipArts are Microsoft 's EMF or WMF files. Impress converts some vector drawing into ClipArts. There are lots of free cliparts on internet, you can download them and import them into Impress vector library: Clipart.

Vector Library-- SVG

SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics ) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999. SVG becomes more and more popular, you can download SVG images from internet and place them in appropriate directories for future use.

Circular Pattern

Generating a circular pattern is very intuitive. You can select a drawing object, or a curve object, or a symbol object, and setup the parameters, a circular pattern is then generated. To generate an arc pattern, you set the rotate angle less than 360. If you choose "clone object" the generated pattern consists of objects arranged in a circular; if you choose "clone path" the generated pattern consists of only one object which is not recommended if the seed object is a symbol.

Rectangular Pattern

A rectangular pattern can be generated with a seed shape or curve or symbol object. And you choose flip or mirror the seed object when cloning it. You can generate a fully filled square pattern or a sqaure pattern with objects placed on its edge. The rest parameters are the same as circular pattern.

Diamond and Triangle Pattern

You can generate a diamond-shape pattern or a triangle-shape pattern, fully filled or frame shaped.

Spiral Pattern

Impress can generate sprial patterns. A spiral pattern places cloned object diamaterly instead of placing cloned object permeterly. There are a few parameters to be set before a sprial pattern can be generated. If the seed object is symbol object, the rotated angle and sweep angle need to be setup carefully to avoid a very large single object.

Image Reshape

Impress provides powerful image editing tools. You can use rectangular selction tool or freehand selection tool, and you can crop or trim the selected area. You can reshape an image by simply showing an image in ellipse or round rectangle. You can clip an image with a shape.

Image Border Style

Adding a border or a frame to an image is easy in Impress. You can first show an image in round rectangle or in oval and then add border to that image. You can get a nice image border style by selecting appropriate border color and border thickness. Impress provide a group of frame materials which can be added to image.

Image Coloring

Impress provides more than 10 types of image coloring and they all are very intuitive.

Fading edge

Fading edge is a popular image effect. Apply fading edge to an image in Impress is intuitive. By specifying the fading depth and intensity, you can obtain an ideal fading edge effect. You can fade one side or all-round of an image.

Torn image

Torn image is a popular image effect. To obtain an ideal torn image effect, you better draw a rectangle and cut the rectangle with knife, and then use the cut rectangle to clip image, and then add shadow to the image.

Image Trace

Image Trace is an amazing feature. It has been recently introduced to Impress 4.0. Image trace in Impress is very intuitive, you don't need to setup parameters. Impress provides two options for the tracing result: single path and multi-path. The traced path is filled with default color, but you can refill it.

Image Perspective

Image perspective can be seen everywhere. Doing image perspective is very simple in Impress. Click on the button "Perspective" and then hit the control node and move it.

Image Filtering

Image Filtering allow you to apply various effects on photos. Impress provides such effects as: Edge, Erode, Blur,Sharpen, Emboss,Jitter, Dilate, Noise, Contour, Oil Paint.

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