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Impress 5.0

Professional Vector Graphics Software

  • Vector illusion
  • Page layout
  • Logo,Icon and Business card
  • Web graphics
  • Newsletter
  • Photo editing
  • Map
  • Cartoon
  • CAD

VDraw 5.0

Professional Diagram and Data Visualization Software

  • UML,SysML,Database and BPMN
  • Flow Chart, Orgnization Chart, Mind Map,Strategic Diagram
  • Data Visualization
  • Project Management
  • Education Diagram
  • Newsletter,Application Form
  • Floor Plan
  • Wireframe
  • Map and 3D directional map
  • Calendar
  • Barcode,QR Code

Import/Export Support Multi-Format

  • SVG
  • DXF

Multiple Vector Graphic Libraries

  • Symbol
  • PNG
  • SVG

Data-driven 2D,3D Charts

  • Import Access,Excel or CSV files
  • Generate 2D,3D charts

A Milestone Release

Metasoft is proud to announce that VDraw version 5.0 and Impress version 5.0 have been officially released. VDraw is a professional diagram and data visualization software, and Impress is a professional vector graphics design software.

The two software products are designed for making newsletters, diagrams, flyers, brochures, icons, logos, Web graphics, maps and directional maps, calendars, floor plans, cards, cartoons, CAD and so on. There are many new features, enhancements and bug fixes since the previous version.

Metasoft promise to deliver quality and affordable software to the world. Once you buy VDraw or Impress, you will upgrade them forever without paying renew fees. If you want to evaluate the two software products or compare them with other products, please try them now!


VDraw5 is a professional vector diagram and data visualization software. It is designed for both individuals and office use.

Hundreds of embedded shapes and diagram stencils enable you to easily create general diagram, strategic diagram, flow chart, mind map, organization chart.

UML diagram, SysML diagram, BPMN diagram, Database Design and Project Management enable you to design software professionally.

Versatile curve editing and effect tools let you draw with creativity. Floor plan stencils let you complete a house plan within a few minutes.

Rich map and 3D directional map elements and stencils are very handy for drawing directional maps.

Calendar can be created by simply drag and drop. Barcode and QR code can be generated within seconds.


Impress 5.0 is a comprehensive vector graphics design software for making newsletters, flyers, brochures, icons, logos, Web graphics, maps, cards, cartoons, CAD and so on.

The ultimate set of tools enable you to design with creativity and confidence. Impress 5.0 provides a full set of fill types(solid fill, gradient fill, interactive fill, flood fill,pattern fill, texture fill and mesh fill), and dozens of effects (blend,contour,twirl,bevel,shadow,3D extrude and 3D revolve) .The four types of brushes: calligraphy, artistic, bristle and scatter are handy for drawing.

Powerful photo editing and effect tools let you edit photos easily and efficiently.Image trace is a new feature introduced in Impress 5.0 and easy to use.

Impress 5.0 provides four types of vector libraries: vector symbols, SVG, EMF and PNG.Thousands of vector elements can be added to your document by drag and drop.

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